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  3 Language Learning Tips to Get You Started - Repetitive Listening, Language Exchange, and...

Repetitive Listening Material:

Here's a great playlist:
They repeat the initial question in the beginning of the interview which makes these EXTRA awesome for repetitive listening

Here is a link to the Easy Languages youtube channel which I love! I use their Spanish videos all the time!

SpongeMind Podcast:

This is the English-Korean podcast that I do with my best friend and 형 Jonson.
We do two versions of each episode, one in English and one in Korean.
We cover the same three points in each episode so you can follow along somewhat with the context of what is being said by listening to the English version first and then listening to the Korean version after.

Check out the app HelloTalk and start looking for language exchange partners!
Remember to look for people who are around intermediate level so they can explain things to you in English.
And also, remember to HIDE yourself from search if you are a native English speaker.